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How do I know if my student is ready to audition? 

This is a question we receive often, frequently from parents of younger children. If your child is able to follow along well in a class setting and is interested in performing, we encourage them to attend. Families should also note  that participating in a performance group requires the attendance of tech/dress rehearsals leading up to the show. These rehearsals are longer, more frequent, and often later in the evenings. These commitments are always outlined in the parent/performer packet and it's important to review them ahead of time to ensure your child and family is ready for the commitment. If your child is new group to activities with group instruction or looking for a program with lower commitment, registering for one of our classes is a good alternative to auditioning. 


Do class students perform in shows? 

 No, class students do not perform in productions but will have a  showcase for family and friends on their last day of class. Students interested in performing in productions should audition for the Young Performers Company program. 


My performer is unsure about auditioning, what does it entail? 

Performers who would like to perform in our shows will need to audition for a performance group under the Young Performers program. Auditions run similar to a sample class with music and choreography taught in groups. The most important things we look at in auditions are work ethic, focus, enthusiasm, and ability to take direction. We see both experienced performers and first timers at auditions, everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend! 

Should my student register for a class AND audition for the company?

No, not only do these programs often meet collectively at the same times, but each program has a different goal. Class students do not perform in productions, while Pre-Company & Young Performers Ensemble members DO perform in productions and attend outside technical/dress rehearsals leading up to the show.   

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