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November 26-28th, 2021

“A celebration of every child’s dream of independence…mesmerizing, fanciful.” -

Star Tribune

Celebrating a strong, independent, fiery heroine this holiday season. 

Pippi Longstocking, the high-spirited heroine who has inspired generations around the world, is now making her Humboldt debut for the holidays.
Award-winning Swedish author, Astrid Lindgren's story of Pippi Longstocking is about every child (and grown up's) dream of freedom and power.

Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Ephraim's Daughter L Longstocking lives a  dream life, answering to no one and doing as she pleases as mistress of Villa Villekulla. Bending iron bars as easily as she bends. rules, Pippi rallies friends Tommy and Annika into tormenting civilized adults and teaching less-civilized ones a lesson or two. Uproarious and glorious, it's a musical production is filled with joy, rabble-rousing and adventure. 


Astrid Lindgren, author 
Thomas W. Olson, playwright 
Roberta Carlson, composer





Emilia Björk-Perkins (Mrs. Prysselius, Angel Mama, Others) 


Jaison Chand (Klang, Teacher, Others)

Monica .JPG

Monica Blacklock (Mrs. Settergren,Others)

Zack Rouse (Captain Longstocking,

Madisyn Headshot.jpg

Mackenzie Urch (Mrs. Granberg, Thunder, Others)

Reagan Geach (Bloom, Larson, Others)

Madisyn Wood (Pippi Longstocking, at certain performances) 

Gemma 2 .jpg

Gemma Caruso (Annika Settergren, at certain performances

Sabine 21 Headshot.jpg

Sabine John (Annika Settergren, at certain performances

Ruby Smith 2 .jpg

Ruby Smith (Tommy Settergren/Nicole, at performances)

Ruby Sipma 21 .jpg

Ruby Sipma (Pippi Longstocking, at certain performances) 

Siri 21 .jpg

Ruby Smith (Tommy Settergren/Nicole, at performances)

Tabitha 21 .jpg

Tabitha Becker (Youth Ensemble)

Nya 21.jpg

Nya Bull Reynolds (Youth Ensemble) 

Kaitlyn 21 .jpg

Kaitlyn Amis (Youth Ensemble) 

Jessie 21.jpg

Jessie Amis (Youth Ensemble) 

Ellie 21 .jpg

Ellie McGinty (Youth Ensemble)

Pearl 21 .jpg

Pearl Samulski (Youth Ensemble) 

Everleigh Headshot 21 .jpg

Everleigh Crocker (Youth Ensemble) 


Main Stage is thrilled to be partnering with Food for People this holiday season.  Learn more about the ways you can support Food For People while attending a performance of Pippi Longstocking below. 

Food for People, the Food Bank for Humboldt County, is providing vital food assistance resources for our community during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Food for People works to alleviate local hunger and improve the health of the community through its 18 programs and strong community partnerships. These programs include a countywide network of emergency food pantries; mobile produce distributions to the rural areas of our county; food distribution for children, seniors and homebound individuals; nutrition education and outreach and local food recovery and gleaning efforts. Foodfor People distributes nearly 2 million pounds of food annually to the county’s most vulnerable members. For more information, visit

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